Original Spares

Camera - Leading in the industry

The lenses are customized by an international top-class lens manufacturer in accordance with our technical requirements of CCD color sorter.
Super clear imaging, resolution ratio, colour reduction well, no distortion.
High speed line scan, 2048/4096/5400 pixels CCD sensor.

High frequency solenoid valve

Special for color sorting, high frequency, low power consumption, high sorting accuracy.
High-quality high-frequency solenoid valve with consistency of near zero error.
Service life more than 1 billion times.
Ultra high precision.

International honour brand pro-face touch screen

Swift reaction, high sensitivity, reliable, easy operation.
The one-key testing, remote debugging and motion control facilitate the operation.
Over 100 setting modes are optional to meet various needs of color sorting.

Chip - Innovative ultra high-speed processing

Super strong calculate ability, for variety of extremely fast data operation with high proficiency.
The innovation lies in the SOC chip system. Compared with the DSP platform, CPU basic frequency is increased by 4 times and the output processing ability increases by 3 times, achieving ultra high-speed massive data processing in with high reliability.

Feed trough - Special technology

Application of high-quality 300mm ultra wide trough
The special anodization treatment process ensures the production in line with the international first-class level.
The cascading flat plate and narrow chute channel can be outfitted to sort a variety of material colors;

Data transmission system – Fast and stable

Massive and high-speed data transmission is applicable for shape sorting.
Secure large production.
Stable data transmission with good resistance against interference.

Intelligent image processing algorithm - Leading in china

Colour-shape integrated intelligent algorithm.
We succeeded in solving various colours sorting while meeting the most stringent requirements for product colour sorting, and providing an optimal colour sorting effect.
Colour CCD’s unique algorithm has been applied for patent protection.

Customized lighting system - Import

Advanced LED optical design system.
Various light sources are available to suit different materials.
Designated procurement of imported LED lamps.
Higher stability, longer service life.
LED lighting system with thermal dissipation.
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