Deash brush

Clean dusts on the rubber strip of the deash brush once a week by air gun; check the deash brush once a month, if any loose, tighten it. Correct the rubber strip if it cannot operate steadily.

Dedusting for sorting cabinet

If any dust found on the glass inside the sorting box, rub and remove it with clean soft cloth soaked with alcohol, and check if dust wiper works normally. Start machine only after glass surface completely dried and cleaned.

Sewage discharging for filter and replacement of filter element

Sewage discharging for filter

Ambient temperature around the machine should be maintained at 0-40.
In places with night temperature may lower than 0, residual fluid inside the air compressor and air filter shall be removed after shutdown of machine. With the water discharging function, the air compressor and oil-mist separator will automatically discharge water when it reaches to certain height, while it would be difficult to discharge water as the water discharging port will be frozen when the temperature is below 0. Thus, it is required to discharge water manually.
If operate the machine with the compressed air temperature lower than 0, air supplied for the air filter and oil mist separator shall be dried by the air drier as the moist air would frozen the internal filter element, which hampers the air flow and cause damage to the filter element.

In-service inspection

During the operation, inspect the signal indication (including the work instruction, alarm indication) and spray valve operation; inspect the pressure of air compressor and its sound, with water discharging at least one time every 8h.

Maintenance after operation

Clean the feeder (especially the coagulation inside the feeder hopper), interior of the machine, material-receiving hopper and ash removing brush by air gun.
Note: it is forbidden, in cleaning the material-receiving hopper with air gun, to blow the nozzle directly with air gun, which will cause damage to the nozzle valve.

Regular maintenance and inspection

1Monthly: check the filter element and the cleanliness of the dust removing brush.
2Quarterly: check the fluorescent lamp.
3Half a year; check or replace lubrication oil for the compressor at least one time.
Warning: in order to prevent static electricity and ensure the personal safety, the host machine and its attached equipment shall be in good ground connection. Electric cabinet opened by professional only. It is forbidden to open the rear case cover of the cabinet in operation as it is a fully enclosed automatic cycle air cooling system.
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